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Antique bronze hand carved buddha statue tibet buddhism medicine figurine 10"

Product Code: 67600 Category: Root Catalog

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  • Product Id : 67600
  • Total Height In Inches : 10
  • Total Width And Depth In Inches : 8 x 4
  • Product Weight In Kg : 3.6
  • Total Height In cms : 25.4
  • Total Width And Depth In cms : 20.32 x 10.16
  • Product Weight In Grams : 3600
  • Material : Brass
  • Gift Box Packing ? : No

Availability: 10 In stock

USD 172.00

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The Debating Buddha - Also sometimes called as The Discussing Buddha. In Hindi language it is called ""Vitarka Mudra"" or the gesture of Argument. Hence the name - The Debating Buddha. In this gesture the tips of thumb and index finger of the right hand are touched forming a circle. All the other fingers are extended upwards but are slightly flexed. The palm is elevated and facing away from the body. In his left hand Lord Buddha is holding the pot that has medicinal nectar that signifies healing and removal of sufferings. This statue is an ideal choice for those who wish to attain the state of fearlessness with peace and end of sufferings.