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  2. Hindu God

    Explore all our statues of Hindu Gods and goddesses including but not limited to - The Nataraja, The Ganesha, The Shiva, The Krishna, The Vishnu, Maa Durga, Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi and many more.

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  3. Mudras of Buddha

    Who is Meditating Buddha? The Buddha in a posture where his eyes are closed in deep meditation is often called as Meditating Buddha (Dhyanamagana). He is considered a symbol of peace, enlightenment and complete selflessness.

    Another one is known as the Enlightened Buddha. In this posture right hand is faced downward with fingers towards the ground while the palm is inward and left hand in his lap. It signifies pure character, complete control and mastery of oneself. It is believed that after being 'Enlightened' and being 'Awakened' the soul ceases to reborn.

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  4. Shop Favorite Goddess Statues in 2016 Style

    Things are changing rapidly. Look at our surrounding we will find many things that get affected with time.  We haven’t noticed but our tastes regarding selection of products are also changed. I mean to say here, things are becoming better to best. Let’s have some innovative ideas for décor and gifting also. Now, we can easily chase to latest home décor from online, shopping and gifting websites. All we can do with just few clicks and things are at our place within very less time.

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  5. Spectacular Lord Hanuman Statue

    India is a place of culture and tradition. Where ever we go, our tradition moves with us. The power of our cultural heritage has tied us with supreme power. Different gods in Hindu religion are being worshipped for different purposes. By worshipping lord Hanuman, people gains positive energy and instilled with high spirit to do what is decided. Now worship your favorite lord in form of statue which is attractive, mind soothing and adds peace in life.

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  6. 2016 Online Shopping of Sai Baba Sculpture Gains Popularity

    This season bring the miracle man to your house. We admire Sri Shirdi Sai Baba irrespective of our cast or religion, as he is the one who said slogan “Sabka Malik Ek”. Worshipping to saibabba symbolizes worshipping all God together. He is the inspiration of strength and shows way in midst of darkness. So, worship your favorite Sai Baba in a more enthusiastic way. 

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  7. Find Latest Ganesh Statue that Adds Spirituality to Our Surrounding

    Lord Ganesha is asign of richness and good fortune. He is the god who brings success and good luck simultaneously in our house. Having such great attributes, he cannot be limited to the temples only. Yes! It is worth to say that popularity of lord Ganesh among his followers led him to increase his accessibility area. 

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  8. Decor Sculptures and Showpieces

    People love to decorate their homes with unique pieces that showcase their taste, perception and personality. One of the best ways to make this possible is by purchasing décor sculptures or showpieces. The amount of variety that exists in this niche is unending. This leaves you with many possible choices to make as you select the setting you wish to create in your place. This can be as easy as just ordering an online home décor statue and putting it in your house.

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