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Brass Alloy metal Nepali Bell with Dorjee 7"

Product Code: 28100 Category: Root Catalog

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  • Product Id : 28100
  • Total Height In Inches : 7
  • Total Width And Depth In Inches : 4 x 4
  • Product Weight In Kg : 1
  • Total Height In cms : 17.78
  • Total Width And Depth In cms : 10.16 x 10.16
  • Product Weight In Grams : 1000
  • Material : Brass
  • Gift Box Packing ? : No

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USD 102.00

USD 92.00

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Nepali Bell with Dorje (Vajra)- Dorje in Tibetan or Vajra in Sanskrit means thunderbolt (irresistible force) and diamond (indestructibility). The Dorje/Vajra is symbol and a ritual object that is used to represent indestructibility and irresistible force. In Buddhism the Dorje/Vajra is the symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism. In Vajrayana also known as Tantric Buddhism the Dorje/Vajra and 'ghanta' (bell) are used while offering prayers or doing 'sadhana'. The Dorje symbolizes a male while the bell, a female. Few statues of deities can be seen holding these objects in separate hands. It symbolizes the union of the forces of compassion and wisdom. These brass sculptures have deep meaning and are designed with utmost care and respect by our artists.