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Brass dancing ganesha lucky charm hindu god elephant lord sculpture 9"

Product Code: 72300 Category: Root Catalog

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  • Product Id : 72300
  • Total Height In Inches : 9
  • Total Width And Depth In Inches : 4 x 3
  • Product Weight In Kg : 2.4
  • Total Height In cms : 22.86
  • Total Width And Depth In cms : 10.16 x 7.62
  • Product Weight In Grams : 2400
  • Material : Brass
  • Gift Box Packing ? : No

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USD 120.00

USD 102.00

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Dancing Chattbhuj Ganesha - This is a special brass statue of Lord Ganesha. Shown in this sculpture with his six hands he is dancing while holding few things in his hands that have greater meaning. In the top upper right hand he is holding an 'Ankusha' (A hook which is used by mahouts to control elephants). It symbolizes that one should use 'Ankusha' to control and guide his soul on a correct path and not go on a wrong path in life. The middle right hand has a ‘Pharsa’ or an axe symbolizing cutting attachment bonds. The lower right hand is raised with palm facing outwards away from the body with fingers flexed. This hand gesture is called ‘Abhayamudra’ that offers protection for all from all evils. In the top upper left hand he is holding a noose, to capture all difficulties. In the middle left hand he is having a snake. In the lower left hand he is holding a sweet 'Laddoo' which is his favorite sweet and is the result of all the prayers offered to him and symbolizes liberation or 'Moksha'.