Brass Large Radha Krishna Idol Temple Decor 4 Feet

Brass Large Radha Krishna Idol With Removable Temple Set Décor 4 Feet Statue

Brass Large Size Saraswati Murti 4 Feet

Brass Large Size Saraswati Idol For School Home Temple Décor 4 Feet Statue

Brass Large Radha Krishna Idol Home Office Garden Décor Statue Showpiece 3 Feet

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Lord Krishna is the eighth avatars of Bhagwan Vishnu, and considered as most popular god in Hindu religion. The basis of source of Krishna was found in epic Mahabartha in 5th century CE. Krishna was born in Mathura in Yadav Clan, Son of Vasudeva and Devki but he was raised by the Nanda. Lord Krishna also described his essential message in a Hinduism holy book known as Bhagwat Gita. Bhagwat Gita is the most sacred Hindu text. The name Krishna is Sanskrit word and it means black or dark blue. And hence waning moon is also called as Krishna Paksha. Radhey Radhey/Gopi - Radha is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi - the Goddess of Wealth. Gopi (milkmaid) is a common name attributed to the girls/women who along with their cow herds were attracted to Lord Krishna during his young age because of his flute and mannerisms. Radha was one of those Gopi, believed to be the closest to Lord Krishna. It is believed that both were having eternal love for each other but never got married. Yet their love for each other was so great and iconic that today in every part of the world Lord Krishna is worshipped along with Radha in temples as a sign of true love.