Brass Large Standing Saraswati Murti With Sitar 3 Feet

Brass Large Standing Saraswati Idol With Sitar Home Office Décor Statue 3 Feet

Brass Standing Saraswati Figurine 28 Inch

Brass Standing Saraswati Idol Home Temple Office Décor Statue Showpiece 28"

Brass Large Saraswati Idol Sitting On Lotus Home School Décor Statue 4.5 Feet

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Goddess Saraswati also known as the Goddess of Knowledge, Music, Art, Wisdom & Learning in Hindu religion. She is also part of Tridevi. Hindu celebrates Vasant Panchami as the honour of devi Saraswati. On the day devotees wear yellow cloth, goddess statue too wrapped with yellow silk sari. Yellow colour represents the wisdom and prosperity, and devotees pray for her blessing. She is the wife of Lord Bramha. In Hindu Art Saraswati is depicted with white skin, sitting on a lotus with the white sari. Swan or Goose as the Vahan of devi Saraswati. In the left hand, she carries palm also seen Saraswati to playing vina in her hand. Prayers of devi Saraswati helps to gain knowledge and purity.