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Brass Shiv Family 7" - Butter Polish

Product Code: 35000 Category: Root Catalog

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  • Indian Brass Casted Statue
  • Product Id: 35000
  • Total Height of the Statue: 7 inches
  • Base Width & Depth: 5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • Colour/Finishing: Brass statue is polished with environment friendly Butter Colour to match your decor, for better mantainability and longevity of the shine of the product.

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USD 88.00

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Shiva, also known as Parameshwara(the Supreme God), Mahadeva, Mahesh or Bhole Nath, is a hindu deity and considered as supreme and one of the three mos influential denominations of Hinduism. Lord Shiva has many forms, some exibhit as benevolent and others as fearsome. Lord Shiva is also considered as most kind of all gods as well. In benevolent pics he is often depicted as Yogi livingascetic life on Mount Kailash, with his wife Parvati and three children. And in fierce pics he is depicted as slaying demons. And one of the most recognizable and inconic attribute are third eye on forehead, a snake around neck, the crescent moon and the river Ganga gushing out of his matted hair, the trident(trishul) as his weapon.