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Bronze Antique Large Size Indian Hindu God Divine Lord Shri Vishnu Ji Murti 38"

Product Code: 110900 Category: Root Catalog

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  • Product Id : 110900
  • Total Height In Inches : 38
  • Total Width And Depth In Inches : 11 x 18
  • Product Weight In Kg : 26
  • Total Height In cms : 96.52
  • Total Width And Depth In cms : 27.94 x 45.72
  • Product Weight In Grams : 26000
  • Material : Brass
  • Gift Box Packing ? : No

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USD 1,087.00

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Vishwaroop/Vishvarupa - This brass sculpture is unique and has great significance. According to the Hindu mythology there are three supreme Gods, Brahma - The Creator (of the Universe), Vishnu (The Preserver), and Mahesh (Lord Shiva, the destroyer). Vishnu is a supreme God and is believed to have incarnated himself to protect the universe from time to time. In this statue Lord Vishnu is shown in a standing position, in his Vishwaroop or 'Virat Roop'. It is said that in the epic of Mahabharata, when Prince Arjuna was reluctant to fight against his own relatives due to his love and affection for them, his friend and guide Lord Krishna (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself) cleared his mind from doubts by showing him his real supreme and universal form called Vishwaroop.