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Check our latest collection of brass nataraja statue that symbolizes the Hindu deity.

Explore your online shopping with our latest collections of nataraja statues, suitable for gifting and living décor.

A unique collection of Nataraj Statues at StatueStudio.com

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Natraja Mode of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is believed to be the most fascinating god in Hindu deity. Among the 108 names of Shiva, Nataraja is one of his most popular name that stands for continual dancing of construction and destruction. The word “Nataraja” stands for king of dance, i.e. Nat means dance, Raja means king and it replicates dancing mudra of Shiva.

Merit of Keeping Natraja Statue in Homes.

Keeping Nataraja statue in house and office brings along prosperity and happiness. Different people have their own faith and beliefs towards Nataraja statues. In the real time world, exquisite dancing Nataraja idol also adds beauty to room décor. Most of the people buy Nataraja statue online and place it in the drawing room or front room to enhance the interior design of the house. Nataraja idol is bought for worshipping, décor and of course gifting to friends.