Resin Mini Saraswati Idol Bronze Finish Home Décor Pooja Statue 3

Resin Mini Saraswati Idol Bronze Finish Home Décor Pooja Statue 3"

Resin Mini Laxmi Idol Bronze Finish Home Décor Pooja Lakshmi Statue 3

Resin Mini Laxmi Idol Bronze Finish Home Décor Pooja Lakshmi Statue 3"

Resin Mini Shiva Idol Bronze Finish Home Décor Pooja Statue 3"

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Everyone on this earth seeks peace not only around oneself but also within the heart and mind of oneself. Lord Shiva or Mahadeva is one of the Hindu gods who teaches the art of staying calm even in the most arduous situation. Lord Shiva is one of the widely worshiped Gods in Hindu religion with an endless range of devotees throughout the world. He is the part of the holy trinity known as Trimuti along with other two Gods Brahma and Vishnu. He is known as ‘The Destroyer’ of the Universe among the Trimurti. Shiva is the creator, protector and destroyer all at the same time. He is believed to be the ‘Sayambhu’ meaning self created and not born from the human body.

Mostly praised by yogis and brahmins Lord Shiva teaches the value of detachment even after staying in a family. He is the powerful god in Hindu mythology capable of helping the body get rid of impurities and reach ‘Moksha’. He is the only god among Trimurti who represents a complete family with wife Parvati, sons Kartikey and Ganesha along with one daughter Ashok Sundari. Lord Shiva is adorned by not only Yogis or Saints but also by Hindu grehastha ashram (families with married couples).

Shiva’s unique appearance also catches the attention of devotees which carries the moon at the top from where River Ganga is flowing from his matted hair. He is the God with Third Eye on his forehead which is the inward vision capable of burning anything when disturbed. Moreover, with serpent and skulls around the neck Shiva imparts a chancy look. Along with this, Shiva holds a Damru and a Trident in the hand.

Lord Shiva mostly appears in the form of Shiva Lingam in Hindu temples and houses where abhishek of Shiv Lingam is a common ritual. The abhisheka is done by water, milk, curd, honey, desi ghee and sweet. It is believed that Lord Shiva’s supreme blessings can be acquired only by offering water on Shiva Lingam regularly. He is praised throughout the year especially in the festive season of Saavan when unmarried girls practice fasting for about 16 Mondays. It is a common belief that by this fasting during 16 Mondays of Saavan girls marry the man of their choice due to the blessings of Lord Shiva. Apart from this, Maha Shivratri,is the popular festival of Lord Shiva which represents the marriage of Shiva with Parvati.