Top Five Benefits of Buddhism on Our Mental Health

Buddhism was founded between the 5th & 6th Centuries by an Indian religious-spiritual preacher and philosopher Siddhartha Gautam, mostly known as Lord Buddha. Buddhism, now the world's fourth-largest religion, having around 520 million followers, in itself is a very peaceful religion. It is based on moral values, truthfulness and meditational practices, which enlighten and impart knowledge to its followers and helps them to become kind human beings. Buddhism realised the importance of humans bearing good mental health and emphasised the art of Meditation, which is now adopted and practised worldwide. 

Buddhism, also known as the science of the mind, has teachings that have healing capacities. They bring inner peace and good mental health. Buddhism emphasises practising control over your greed, lust and anger, making you very peaceful, enlightened and calm. The sermons are given by Lord Buddha clearly stipulated the reasons for miseries in life, possible ways to avoid them and renewed cycle of birth. It further highlighted the necessity of having the correct views, desires, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort and mindfulness. Lord Buddha's 'Karma' theory stipulated that good behaviour fetched good results while bad conduct fetched bad results. That results of the karmic acts are reaped both in the present life and in the life after rebirth. Buddha's teachings were purely based on human sufferings, reasons and solutions to human miseries.

Buddhism is associated with happiness rather than only being a religion. Practising Buddhism brings joy in one's life, which ultimately affects our mental health positively.

The top five benefits of Buddhism on Mental Health are as under :

1.) By adopting & practising the teachings of Buddhism, one becomes very positive and hopeful in his thoughts. It helps in reducing negative thoughts and drawing positive vibes. This positive attitude makes a person attain good mental health and thus a good life. Buddhism always emphasised being hopeful even in a challenging situation. Deep into our mental state, Buddhism makes us understand that nothing is permanent in life and 'Change' is the law of nature. Everyone is doing his karma according to his own will & hopes and shall get the results accordingly. It is why one should regularly chant in front of a Buddha statue to attract positive energies.

2.) Meditation is one of the main preachings of Lord Buddha. Buddhism firmly believes that to be happy in one's life; one should be mentally healthy. Hence, by practising Meditation regularly, one is trained to attain mental peace, which reduces stress and anxiety, helps steer your energy in a positive direction, nourishes you spiritually, and helps achieve the targets set for the day and life. Meditation in front of a Buddha idol shall help you keep your mental balance and thus handle all situations positively despite being in tough times.

3.) One other important doctrine of Buddhism is helping the needy to the maximum extent and experiencing happiness. In Buddhism, one practices compassion and kindness towards others without being affected by sex, creed or religion. It specifies that despite one's problems, to make oneself feel happy, one should help others in whatever way. The power of helping others has an immense impact. It not only reduces the misery of a person but generates true strength in oneself. Thus, one should always bring happiness to others life so that their own life always remains happy. Compassion and Sharing with others are two key factors to one's happiness, which shall keep you mentally calm, strong and satisfied.

4.) Buddhism stipulates that one should be self-reliant and not rely on external factors for attaining happiness. Its preaching makes you mentally understand that one should do his Karkarma life without being dependent on others. All relations & otherworldly gains are temporary and replenishable. Hence, one should not be attached to them, as they tend to make you mentally weak and deprive you of your freedom. The root of all suffering is desire, and one cannot hold onto anything forever. One should, therefore, accept life with enthusiasm and grow in life with happiness without being attached emotionally. Death, Decay, and loss are part of one's life, and a mentally strong person would accept this law of nature. Whatever situations in life prevail, one should walk untouched and unattached.

5.) Good mental health keeps improved moods, paves the way for clear vision, reduces anxiety, induces a sense of self–esteem and inner peace. One has to conquer one's self to attain happiness in life. Hence, practising Buddhism, one enfolds the power of patience and keeps ego and anger away. This shall bring peace to one's life, and one shall feel mentally healthy and stronger. Hence, one should utilise every moment of his present life to work and enjoy so that the future automatically gets better. It is why I recommend buying an appropriately sized Buddha statue online & chant daily to be a satisfied individual.

Hence, by practising Buddhism, one can conquer one's mind & ego, take wise decisions with good mental health and move forward positively & humbly with fixed perspectives, courage, calmness and patience. Therefore, to fetch happiness & satisfaction in one's life, one should follow Buddha's path.

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