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    17 products

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    Laughing Buddha- A True Inspiration for Happiness and Good Luck

    Laughing Buddha – This eccentric name is enough to spread happiness and fortune everywhere. He was a gen Buddhist monk and spreads happiness, wherever he went. His giant body structure gives message of happiness and well-being. The laughing Buddha statue pertains to ancient Chinese culture, a Chinese Buddhist monk statue. Usually people keep Buddha at various places in order to bring happiness, good luck and good time. People also believe that by rubbing large belly of happy Buddha statue brings along happiness, luck and joy in one’s life. It’s an amalgam of faith and ancient tradition that people adore laughing Buddha figurines and happy to worship this laughing figurine at offices, in hospitals, front room of house, schools, principals desk and so on.

    Happy Buddha Statues Spreads Happiness Everywhere

    Happiness comes to those people who decide to be happy. We can become happy even from small things and gift and offering help to the needy people. Based on mixed tradition of culture and art; we at StatueStudio.com are trying to make a small contribution in creating a happy world. By our small deeds and following the mixed Asian ideology we present our latest collection of protruding belly laughing Buddha online. Brass sculpted laughing buddha online at StatueStudio.com shows his magic of smile and available in different metallic color. At StatueStudio.com, we have presented various happy Buddha statues which are unique in its form. All statues are well polished with attractive colors and their features are sharply designed by our experts.

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    Moreover, Artisans have closely examined minor deformities and there is no chance of failure in happy Buddha Sculpture. So, why to wait? Just make a simple click and bring bombastic piece of happiness to your home.

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