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    Goddess Lakshmi is one of the most Hindu goddesses. She appeared during Mahabharata when Gods and Demons were churning the Ocean of milk. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. She is portrayed as a beautiful woman with four arms, standing on a lotus flower with two elephants on her side. A large section of people worldwide worships her with great respect, especially every Friday. Dhanteras and Diwali are two occasions every year when Lakshmi idols are worshipped with great fervour.

    What does Laxmi symbolize:

    Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes all the supreme qualities and powers of God. She is the source of all positive qualities on the physical, mental & spiritual levels. Furthermore, she has all the yogic powers of selfless service, kindness & discipline.

    • The lotus on which she stands symbolizes beauty, stability, support and creation.
    • The elephants around her symbolize strength and royalty. Her vehicle, owl, symbolizes fearlessness and the ability to see in darkness (hard times).
    • She is considered the source of creativity, stability, courage, strength, progeny, victory, knowledge & material wealth.
    • As the goddess of wealth and fortune, She also symbolizes good luck.

    How to offer prayers to goddess Lakshmi:

    Lakshmi puja is an important ritual among Hindus done for inviting the supreme deity into one’s house, especially during Diwali. For Lakshmi pooja, the following process may be adhered to:

    • Before Lakshmi pooja, cleanliness of the house with water and Gangajal should be done. The entrance of the house should be very welcoming and clutter free.
    • Place a red cloth on the platform where you intend to do the pooja. Keep bountiful grains on one side of the platform. Put a Kalash filled with water, five mango leaves and a coconut on it.
    • The Lakshmi Murti should be bathed with water, ghee, curd, honey, and milk and then wiped out with a new cloth. Place the idols on the platform near the Kalash.
    • Apply Sandal paste, saffron and offer some flowers, perfume, kumkum, and turmeric to them. Garland made of lotus or marigold, or rose should be offered to them.
    • Light a panchmukhi diya in front of them. Installing Shri Yantra and Sriphal in the pooja room is considered auspicious.
    • Recite Ganesh and Lakshmi mantra.
    • After the pooja, one should request Lakshmi Ji to be forbidden from any mistake being committed during the puja. 

    How do we cater to your needs for a Laxmi murti:

    Keeping a Laxmi Statue at home is considered auspicious. It is a source of inspiration that emits positive vibes all over. It is essential that the idol of Lakshmi Ji should be of good quality, beautiful, having the right colour combinations and should be flawless. Hence, according to one’s needs, desires, and financial capabilities, one can buy the high quality Lakshmi murti online.

    To sum up:

    To attain the choicest blessing, one should pray with a clear heart, daily in front of the Lakshmi idol, especially every Friday, which shall open the door of prosperity to its believer by way of granting wealth, grace, generosity and contentment in life.

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