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Welcome to The name says it all. We, are first of a kind online shop that has the largest variety of metal/brass statues, which have been uniquely designed by the artists and have been given innovative finishing with colors and gem stones to exceed your expectations for spiritual and decorative purposes. Each statue is being provided with everlasting shine which literally requires - No Care.

StatueStudio sells a large variety of statues in the form of Hindu Gods, including but not limited to - The Nataraja (Dancing Shiva), The Ganesha (The Elephant head God), The Shiva (The Destroyer of all evils), The Krishna, (The preacher of Geeta), The Vishnu (The creator of the universe), Maa Durga (The Goddess on Tiger), Maa Saraswati (The Goddess of all arts, knowledge and wisdom), Maa Lakshmi (The Goddess of wealth and money), The Buddha (The Enlightened one), Goddess Tara, The Laughing Buddha (Budai), and many more.

Our range of home decor statues has a large variety to choose from. Animal statues include Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Cats, and Horses. These statues and other brass showpieces are crafted with finesse to give a newer and greater look to your homes, temples, altar, gardens, showrooms and offices. A special never before range of Singing Bowls is available for healing and music therapy purposes.

Our Customer Service is unbeatable, feel free to call us anytime, maybe we can help select one of the statues best suited to you. We believe we know what your heart and soul is searching for, bring statue from StatueStudio to your home.