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132 products

    132 products
    Brass Lord Krishna Idol Exclusive Fine Home Décor Showpiece 2.5 Feet
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    Impressive Brass Krishna Statue

    Lord Krishna is one of the most prime deities in Hinduism. Krishna is idolized as the symbol of god Vishnu. He is also avowed as the lord of delicacy & sympathy across the world. Additionally, the Krishna statue is a portrayal of divine love and devotion. It creates a harmonious atmosphere by bringing a positive vitality and joy into homes, eliminating all negative energies. As stipulated by the shastras, Lord Krishna is one of the most appealing gods that attracted everyone who preached him. So, placing Lord Krishna Statue in the house brings wealth, prosperity & happiness to the family members.

    What Krishna Idol Symbolizes?

    Lord Krishna is one of the most preached deities all around the world. People who preach him perceive him as an experience one could cherish forever in their daily lives. Lord Krishna statue comes in varied styles and mudras, holding different ornaments. Each of them represents a different meaning. Below is the meaning of a Krishna Idol:

    • Shankh represents the five vital elements of the universe, namely earth, fire, air, water & aether.
    • Sudarshan Chakra signifies mind & excellence in all spheres of life.
    • Gada represents strength.
    • Lotus or kamal is a symbol of purity & transcendence.
    • Murali or flute represents divine music.
    • Mor Pankh signifies beauty & knowledge.

    How do we cater to your needs for a Krishna Murti?

    In the era of e-commerce, we present you with our impressive brass collection of Lord Krishna statues at affordable rates. Be it a special occasion or any auspicious event, gifting your loved one’s a Krishna murti is considered auspicious. Statuestudio assures high-quality products with 7-10 working day delivery worldwide. Lord Krishna murti, when placed at home, adds elegance to your interior & brings positivity to your surroundings. Scroll down our elegant range of Krishna statues, which requires no maintenance and lasts a lifetime.

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