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    105 products

    Check our latest collection of brass Nataraja statue that symbolizes the Hindu deity.

    Explore your online shopping with our latest collections of Nataraja statues, suitable for gifting and living décor.

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    Nataraja is a depiction of Lord Shiva. The word "Nataraja" means the king of dance. Generally, Lord Shiva is shown dancing with a hand holding damru (drum) in the Abhaya mudra. But, in the Nataraja statue, Lord Shiva represents the core of all major developments responsible for the existence of the universe.Placing a Nataraja statue in a house or office brings happiness & prosperity. Moreover, Beautifully handcrafted hindu god statue from adds grandeur to your home decor and makes the entire atmosphere full of energy.

    What Does Natraja Signify?

    Nataraja signifies Ananda Tattva (meaning bliss) that the entire world is looking for. Each atom is filled with immense energy, still it lies at peace. Dancing Shiva signifies inert peace, happiness over your desires. Under Shiva's feet, lies Apasmaar, which represents hidden desires. Nataraja teaches us to stay cautious of those desires and embraces us to dance on it with full energy & joy. Shiva's dance gestures represent five things, namely:

    • Creation ( Characterised by Drum)
    • Protection ( represented by "no-fear" position of hand)
    • Destruction (represented by Fire)
    • Embodiment (depicted by sturdy foot on the ground)
    • Release (represented by foot in aloft position)

    How do we cater to your needs for a Nataraja Idol?

    Unlike several other retailers, we at manufacture hindu statues to last a lifetime by emphasizing on high quality detailing, polish & finish. One can choose from a plethora of designs available in diverse mudras & materials like rich bronze, the brass at affordable prices. Gifting Lord Nataraja idol to your loved ones signifies affection & care. Whether you plan to buy a small table-sized idol for your office or prefer a more sizable version up to 3.5 feet murti for your living room, all are available under one roof.

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