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    399 products

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    Lord Ganesha is among one of the most worshipped deities in Hinduism. It is said to be the god of wealth & prosperity. Besides India, people from various countries have adopted his motifs in their culture. People worship Lord Ganesha before commencing any auspicious event like a wedding, new business venture, etc. as it brings good luck and happiness. It is the prime reason why Ganesh statues are in high demand across the world.

    What Ganesha Idol Symbolizes?

    Ganesha is known by various names like Bappa, Pillayar, Vinayaka, Mahodara & Lambodara. Worshipping Ganesha can ward off bad luck & can bring positive vibes among family members. Lord Ganesha possesses an elephant face & a large body. Below is the meaning of a Ganesh Idol:

    • Ganesha’s large elephant head symbolizes knowledge.
    • wide mouth signifies a desire to enjoy the quality of life.
    • Large ears signify a person who is a patient listener.
    • Huge belly signifies the Universe.
    • Tusks represent wisdom & emotion.
    • The trunk represents high efficiency & adaptability.

    How to Offer Prayers to Lord Ganesha?

    To get full advantage of having a lord Ganesha idol at home, one should offer prayers daily. It would be best if you had a small portion of things like rice, ghee, flowers, incense sticks & kumkum in a puja plate. After procuring all these things, you should light the Diya and incense stick and apple kumkum mixed with rice to the Ganesh Ji murti and chant Ganesh mantra while eyes closed.

    How do we cater to your needs for a Ganesha Murti?

    We are a team of expert craftsmen that offers you handcrafted brass Ganesha statues for gifting & home decor purposes. Notably, we make Ganesh murti in different styles & mudras, and one can choose from our massive collection of idols online. These statues are diligently polished, taking care of minute details to last a lifetime with no external care—all our product ships across the world with a durable packing, which assures a damage free product. So, whether its an occasion, ritual, or merely starting something new, gifting a Ganesha statue to your loved one signifies care & affection.

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