5 Attractive DIY Diya Decoration Arts for Home Decor

Do you have that itching palm to flaunt your artistic skill and creative talent to the world? So, do not restrict yourself or wait for any opportunity to knock on your door rather create one. Today's modernized world is full of lucrative gateways which offer amazing platforms to showcase your creativity.

Creativity can dwell anywhere in the form of art and craft, music, dance, painting, sketching or more. So, if you are blessed with the phenomenal talent of adding beauty to any product then festivals, occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, parties etc are the time to display the hidden ability in you.

Festivals are the best time when art and craft take the front position and fetch attention. Lights, candles and diyas have a major role to play in many festivals like holi, diwali, christmas, eid, day of purnima or many other celebrations. Those who wish to spend their time in decoration then there are many wonderful DIY ideas, beginning with the DIY diwali diya decoration ideas.

There are a plethora of DIY diwali diya decoration ideas for amateur and experts as well which can be well utilized by anyone for their home decoration during festivals.

DIY Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas:

1) Best use of unused bangles: Now the unused or old broken pieces of bangles can do miracles to your diya decoration. You need old glass bangles, glue sticks, and used cardboard. Cut out a circular shape of cardboard as per the size of the bangle and stick bangles to it one by one making a stand. Create a colorful stand and place tea lights in it. Lights glittering out of the glasses will create a captivating ambience around.

2) Amazing work with best out of waste: Today every artist is coming up with innovative ideas by bringing the best out of waste skills. So, if you have any waste or old CDs then the best use of it is by creating attractive pieces of diyas. You need CDs, tea lights, decorative items like beads, flowers, ribbons, mirrors etc, glue, glitter, and a marker.

With the help of a marker, make different shapes on the CD, apply some glue on it and stick decorative items like beads, flowers, and ribbons over it beautifully. Apply glue all over the left out space and spread the glitter and stick a tea light in the center and here it is done.

3) Add a glare to rangoli: Rangoli is the major highlight of any celebration especially Diwali, Rakhi, Ganeshotsava and more. There are different kinds of Rangoli made by artists where beautifully decorated diyas can add to the entire show. Colorful and painted diyas placed properly at different points in Rangoli can add a charismatic glow to the Rangoli.

4) Paint to make a vibrant diya: Correct use of colors to the canvas can bring out the best piece of work. Painting a diya with vibrant colors can be the wonderful idea of decorating a diya. For this idea you need clay diyas, acrylic colors and paint brushes. With the use of simple materials you can give your diya a new fascinating look. You need to soak diyas in water for a few hours to clean them and to ensure that they consume less oil. Then let them dry naturally or in sunlight properly until all the moisture is soaked up.

Now, diyas are ready for painting. Turn them upside down and paint the base and exterior surface properly leaving no space. Let the applied paint dry and then turn it again to paint the diya from inside.

Now, when the base is ready you can select a contrast color like gold, silver or any color that contrasts the base color and give a design of your choice. Do not forget to fill the empty spaces and make more use of festive holy shades like red, orange, yellow and gold. Then let the color get dried properly and later for more attraction you can add some beads, stones, glitters to the diya with the help of glue.

5) Add uniqueness by special items as diya: Creativity has no boundaries and sky is the limit for it to flourish. To make a special diya and add uniqueness to diya decoration you can use special items like sea shells. There are sea shells which sometimes are easily available and that too in different shapes and sizes. These sea shells can be effectively used for making wonderful diyas in many styles. They can be used on cardboards or CDs as base materials. They can also be used to make gorgeous chandeliers. To make this decorative diya you simply require some good sea shells and wick. Place a wick in the seashell and diya is ready for use.