8 Ways to Enhance The Interiors with Buddha Decor Ideas

Diving back to the era of several traditions, cultures and religious beliefs we find many religions flourishing. Buddhism was one of the major religions which was founded by Buddha. It inspired a strong system of self-renunciation through self-enlightenment. The pacifying image of Buddha, attracted many people around the world who started following the path of renunciation and became an ascetic. Number of Buddha's paintings were created to spread the teachings of Buddha which inspired millions to transform their life. Through these paintings not only Buddha's messages were floated around the world but also encouraged people to keep icons of Buddha near them. Those icons imparted a reflection which was soothing and captivating.

Over the recent years people have developed more interest in decorating their interiors with Buddha's paintings, statues or other decorative pieces. Occupying the interiors with an array of Buddhist art and paintings, wall hangings and statues gradually became a trend.

Now, to savor tranquillity in the interiors and to upgrade the standard of living people go for a majestic piece of Buddha decor item for a royal touch to home decor. Presence of spiritual icons in the surroundings attract energies which are positive and inspiring. The ambience inside a house, office or other workplace should be highly welcoming. This thought takes us to an extraordinary setting of interiors.

Everyone needs inspiration to accomplish something and make it happen. Home decor plays a major role in shaping our thoughts and motivating us to do things. Especially if the surroundings are celestial the scope of creativity increases.

Nowadays we can find Buddha sculptures, snippets or statues adorning the interiors of the house or workplace. People are seen interested in decorating the corners of the house with portraits of Buddha available in various shapes and sizes in the market.

There are some of the best ways in which Buddha decor pieces can attract positive vibes, if placed in some special ways:

  • The place where it is kept should be clean without dust.
  • There should be an empty space around it without any cluttering of things.
  • The air should be purified by burning incense sticks and candles around.
  • Statue must face the room, not outside.
  • Buddha paintings or statues can be kept anywhere except the bathroom and bedroom.

Buddha decor items are available in several options like paintings, murals, wall hangings, candle and incense stick stands, a collection of Buddha figures in various sizes and other customized classy items according to the customers demand.

Some of the top notch Buddha decor ideas for decorating the interiors of house, work place, office or any other place:

  • You can enhance the open space of a house like a garden area by placing a Buddha statue on a rock shaped stand or a table.
  • The living room is the best place for keeping the Buddha statue or mural paintings. A big statue of the face of Buddha kept on a table or a drawer facing the entrance is a superb attraction. To experience calmness and positive vibes, accompany the statue with flower pots and singing bowls.
  • Adding to the aesthetics of interiors Buddha decor items can be placed beside the sofa or couch in a living room. Mural paintings on the left side of the sofa or couch are favourable for communication.
  • Wall hangings or paintings on the walls facing north eastern directions of any room are also the best options for Buddha home decor. Especially, walls around the kitchen or where meals are taken are suitable for Buddha wall hangings.
  • Mandala painting on the side walls or back side of the bed is an appealing decor idea to establish positivity.
  • Corridors of the house can be updated with oil or acrylic Buddha paintings. This space attracts a lot of attention from the guests if embellished beautifully.
  • Not to forget the prayer room of the house which must be beautified with Buddha statues or other icons.
  • Study room is the place where focus along with a peaceful mind is required. Placing Buddha pictures on the nearby wall or the closet in front of the study table can help in setting the calmness within the room.