7 lesser known facts about lord krishna

Lord Krishna is quite possibly the most adored deity among all Hindu gods. He is also known as the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He has acquired a standing as a notable logician, guide, companion and educator who has conferred preeminent information on Dharma and Karma to the world. He is likewise known for his deep understanding & practical advice that he imparted to Arjun during Mahabharata, which helped the Pandavas win the war.

His Bhakti & Good Karma theory is compiled in Bhagavad Gita, which the Hindus consider a very sacred book. Krishna always favoured the righteous. Being a very admired and worshipped God in Hinduism, many literature and stories are available worldwide, and people claim to know him very closely. Still, there are many facts about him which people are not aware of.

Seven such few unknown facts about the legendary Lord Krishna are detailed here below :

Krishna was dark coloured, but not blue:

Lord Krishna has been portrayed as a person with a blue coloured body, holding a flute in his hands. He is believed to be having very attractive looks, which would lure the people around him. Due to the power of attracting all towards him, he had a great impression on mankind. His followers painted him in blue, but the same was not correct. However, Lord Krishna's skin was dark coloured but was not blue. Due to his magnetic charisma, there were blue hues, which made people portray him in blue.

Krishna had 16,108 wives:

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna had 16 108 wives in total. Out of these, eight were known to be his principal wives, i.e. Rukmani, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Kalindi, Lakshmana, and Miranda. Rukmani was a Vidarbha Princess and incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, and Krishna married her to save her from the clutches of her relative Shishupala, who wanted to forcibly marry her. Lakshmana gave ten sons to Lord Krishna.

The remaining 16,100 wives were those women he freed from the captivity of demon Narakasura and who were not being accepted by their families after that. Hence to give them protection and allow them to live a graceful and respectable life in society, he married 16,100 wives. Though Krishna was named as 'Mohan', the charmer, he married so many women for their sake, to secure them and to help them.

Lord krishna was multi-religioned:

Lord Krishna was one of the most worshipped Gods among Hindu deities. He was also followed by many other religions, one of which was the Jain religion. In the Jain religion, he is known to be one of the Triads, named Vasudeva. Due to its large popularity among the Jain community, it's not uncommon to find Krishna idols in every household.

Another religion that references Lord Krishna is Buddhism, where he is a part of Jataka tales. He is a prince who kills his maternal uncle Kansa and other evil kings to rule over Jambudiva. Even the Baha'i religion believe that Lord Krishna was a "Manifestation of God ", who came as one of the prophets for people on earth. This way, he was a part of many other religions too.

Krishna was related to draupadi, eklavya & the pandavas:

Historians realised the relation of Lord Krishna with some important characteristics of their times, i.e. Draupadi, Eklavya & the Pandavas. Lord Krishna and Draupadi were siblings, as Draupadi was the incarnation of Goddess Parvati while Krishna the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the brother of Goddess Parvati. Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, was Vasudev's (Krishna) sister.

Similarly, was the case with Eklavya, the skilled archer and the son of Devsharayu, the brother of Vasudeva. To ensure no better archer than his disciple Arjun, Dhronacharya cleverly made Eklavya cut off his right thumb. Lord Krishna, who always favoured the righteous, blessed Eklavya to be reincarnated for an opportunity for seeking revenge on Dronacharya for cutting his thumb. Hence, Eklavya was reincarnated as Dhrishtadyuma.

Curses led to krishna's death:

Lord Krishna, during his lifetime, had several curses that led to his death. After the Kurukshetra war, all 100 Kauravas sons were killed. At the point when Krishna approached her to pay his sympathies, the sobbing mother cursed him of his end by the next 36 years.

In another incident, when Krishna visited Durvasa Rishi, he was eating kheer. Durvasa Rishi asked Krishna to apply kheer on his body. Interestingly he applied kheer to his body but not his feet. So, Durvasa Rishi cursed him for dying by his feet. Also, while Krishna was incarnated as Rama, he had shot Vali with his arrow from behind. Jara was then born as an avatar of vali to kill Krishna. Due to these curses, once while sitting in Samadhi under a tree, Krishna's foot was mistakenly taken for an animal by the hunter Jara, who shot an arrow that pierced his foot. Thus, the curses huddled by many made Lord Krishna die through his feet.

Krishna gave life to guru sandipani muni's dead son:

After imparting education to Krishna and Balram, Guru Sandipani Muni demanded the restoration of his dead son as Guru Dakshina. Forgiving such Guru Dakshina, Krishna and Balram reached the ocean near Prabhasa, from where their Guru's son was trapped by a demon, and brought him back from the hands of Yama and completed their Guru Dakshina.

Krishna was against orthodox:

Lord Krishna once advised the people of Vrindavan to worship Govardhan Hill instead of Indra as it brought rain for their agriculture purposes. It annoyed Indra, and he sent a terrible storm in Vrindavan. But Lord Krishna protected the people by lifting the Govardhan Hill and used it as an umbrella to shield them. It is why people in Vrindavan worship the holy Krishna statue with utmost dedication & sincerity.

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