Mysterious Facts About Lord Shiva Birth Unrevealed

It is said that God is the supreme power whose existence is found everywhere, everytime and in any form. His presence is the cause of all the creation that exists in the universe around us. The identity of every human being on earth has a strong connection with the supernatural power. Every individual believes that there is the existence of some hidden energy which is constant, stable and eternal. This energy is termed as God by humans as per their cultural, traditional and religious values.

In the Hindu religion the Trinity gods acquire an influential position. Trinity gods are Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh. As per the known facts it is believed that Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu appeared from Lord Shiva but at the same time there is no evidence to prove this fact.

It is thrilling and adventurous for many people, particularly devotees, to know the esoteric facts about the birth of gods. Especially unveiling the myths about the appearance of Lord Shiva is something very interesting and worth knowing.

Who is Shiva?

Before jumping to the answer of how shiva was born, let's get acquainted with his life and his role as a destroyer. Lord Shiva as per the Hindu texts resides on Kailash Parvat with his family comprising Maa Parvati as his consort, Ganesha and Kartikey his two sons. Lord Shiva is also accompanied by ganas and nandi on Kailash.

Lord Shiva plays the role of the destroyer in the Trinity family of gods giving a message that everything which is created is subject to destruction. There is no destruction without creation and vice-versa.

How was Lord Shiva born?

According to popular texts, Lord Shiva is believed to be Syambhu means the one who appeared by himself or by his own choice. It explains that no one created or no human gave birth to Lord Shiva. Due to this reason Lord Shiva is also referred to as Aadi-Deva means the oldest god in the Hindu religion. There are many myths supporting the fact that Lord Shiva came to being by his self willingness. It is believed that Lord Shiva’s existence was there before the creation of the universe and he will be there till eternity.

There are several myths and stories that explain about the birth or appearance of Lord Shiva.

One of the popular stories reveals that once Brahma desired to have a child for which he performed penance. Soon after this he found a child crying in his lap. On asking the reason for his crying, the child innocently replied that he is crying because his name is not Brahma. Brahma named the child Rudra means the one who cries. In this way one story connects the birth of Lord Shiva to Rudra.

Rudra as known was a god worshipped in the Indus Valley during the Veic period.

According to another popular myth, Lord Shiva had to appear in the form of Shiva linga. Once there was a conflict between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma about who is the more powerful and biggest god. This conflict continued for long, so to stop it Lord Shiva interfered and appeared in the form of a heavy stone Shiva Linga. Shiva asked Vishnu and Brahma to find the start and end of the Linga.

Brahma flew up on his swan in search of the starting point of Linga and Vishnu went downwards digging the ground looking for the end of the Linga. After digging for years Lord Vishnu gave up and came back accepting his failure.

On the other hand Lord Brahma, also flying for years over the clouds, could not find the beginning of the Linga. But he decided to cheat Shiva and Vishnu by falsely telling them about his achievement of finding the starting point of Linga.

Soon he lied, the sound came from Linga that there is no end and start of Linga. Lord Shiva cursed Brahma that he will never be worshipped.

After this Lord Shiva appeared in normal human form with five faces, on request of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. So, by this story also we are not able to show any evidence about the start and end of Lord Shiva. This takes us to the conclusion that anything which is not created or given birth by anyone, cannot be destroyed. Hence, the fact related to the birth of Lord Shiva remains unrevealed and mysterious.

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