6 Effective Ways to Set up Your House Mandir for The Best Vibes

It is one of the adventurous things to know something about Hindu Gods but before that, we need to dive into the ocean of Hindu religion and understand its basics. Hindu religion is the oldest and a store of interesting facts about Hinduism worth to be known. The religion is the hub of numerous sacred gods that enrich the list of Hindu Gods and goddesses. People in India are not only aspirant to know more about Hinduism or Hindu gods but they also consider themselves fortunate if exposed to spirituality.

Hindu Gods are worshipped throughout the country by Hindus, Jains and some sects of Buddhists in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other places. Different idols of gods are worshipped in different forms and special rituals are performed by devotees which vary from god to god.

In-house Mandir plays a crucial role in the lives of Hindus as this is one corner in the house that connects every individual to God. So, the need to develop and built this part of the house in a creative way becomes necessary.

There are some rules or important things that should be taken care of while creating this corner in order to get the best from your House Mandir.

Here are 6 effective guidelines to set up your House Mandir for the best vibes.

  • Placement of Mandir: The direction in which Mandir should be placed is very important as it attracts positive vibes from there. The north-eastern direction is the most suitable for the placement of Mandir in the house.
  • Idols in the Mandir: Another important factor is the selection of idols of Gods to be kept in the Manidr. Idols of gods like Ganesha, Hanuman, Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Laxmi, Baal Krishna, Shiv Linga, Shri Yantra, Ram-Sita, Saraswati can be kept in the Mandir.
    One can prefer to keep as many idols in the temple but the main rituals are performed for the Isht-Devta that depends from devotee to devotee.
    It is not advisable to keep two Shiv Lingas or two idols of the same god.
  • Position of idols: Idols of gods should be properly kept at some elevated position from the floor of the Mandir. An aasan or a seat should be given to every idol. Idols should not face each other.
  • Clothing: The idols should be covered with proper clothing, preferably made of silk or some shiny material as it is considered pure.
  • Decoration: Last but not the least, Mandir decoration is very important as it is visited by everyone in the family. It can be decorated with clothes, colorful curtains, flowers, rangolis and lights.
  • Rituals: Rituals performed and services offered to god regularly play an important role in creating good vibes in the house. Lighting up of diyas, incense sticks, luban and kapoor spreads an enchanting aura and every corner blossoms with the smell.

These are some of the ways in which you can set up your in-house Mandir and relish the worship of different gods. Every Hindu god is special in some or the other way and there are some benefits and blessings which come along with these idols of gods.

Ganesha: One of the most sacred elephant-headed Hindu gods who is believed to be lucky if worshipped first at the beginning of any event. He is the remover of barriers and bestower of success, good luck and good health. Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali are the major festivals of Lord Ganesha which are celebrated with huge enthusiasm throughout the country.

Hanuman: Hanuman is the monkey-faced Hindu god with immense strength and power who can lift the heaviest of mountains. The presence of Hanuman idol or picture prevents the negative energies, spirits or devils to enter the space. He blesses his devotees with great strength, positivity and good health. He is the best example of unconditional devotion towards Lord Rama and Sita.

Krishna: The eighth and most popular incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Krishna who was born in the jail in Mathura as a son of Devaki and Vasudeva. He conquered many devils, gave happiness to people around and spread the message of ‘Karma’ in the form of ‘Bhagwat Geet’. Worshipping ‘Ladoo Gopal’ the form of Lord Krishna brings prosperity, happiness, peace, name-fame, wealth and success in life.

Shiva and Parvati: The couple god Shiva and Parvati along with their children are praised by devotees throughout the globe. Lord Shiva is widely worshipped in the form of Shiv Linga and Nataraj by devotees. The worship of Shiv Parivar brings blessings to devotees for a happy married life and family life.

Vishnu and Laxmi: The idol of Laxmi and Vishnu are one of the beautiful sacred Hindu gods who are praised worldwide. Their worship brings prosperity, wealth, health, good fortune and happiness in life.