Experience Few Amazing Goodnesses With Lakshmi Pooja at Home

India is a land where almost every individual has encountered one or the other amazing experience with spiritualism. A fewer percentage of people are spiritually ignored who do not follow any path or believe it. The majority of Indians brims up with sacred knowledge and information. Especially, the existence of Hindus and Hindu Gods is very much substantial according to the texts. Most of the sacred deities are worshiped in temples and kept at home by people for goodness, luck and positive exposure around. There is an infinite number of Gods-Goddesses worshiped by Hindus among which Goddess Lakshmi murti is praised for health and wealth.

Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu who bestows its devotee wealth, power, beauty, strength, prosperity and fortune. She is seen sitting at the feet of Lord Vishnu on the huge serpent Sheshnaga in Kshirasagara. Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the ‘illusion’ or ‘Maya’ of Lord Vishnu who is spread everywhere in the world. She is part of Tridevi along with goddess Saraswati and Parvati. In various Hindu texts, the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi is mentioned in different ways. It is believed that she appeared out of the primeval milky ocean when it was stirred up by the Gods and demons. She represented the form of youth and beauty all dressed in white when she came out of the sea. Devi Rukmani, the wife of Lord Krishna is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi idols are also referred to as ‘Shri’, which is very pleasing to eyes bedecked with gold jewelry, crown and a red saree attire. The idol displays a four-armed Goddess sitting on the lotus flower known as Kamalasana. The four hands represent the movements of life which, if in balance, leads to a successful, healthy and wealthy life. The two hands at the front represent Artha and Kama.

The Lotus flower is the symbol of fertility and life as how the flower is rooted and survives in the primordial waters that are beautifully represented by the placement of Goddess Lakshmi on the lotus. This is the best posture in which Lakshmi murti should be placed in the temple inside the house. This denotes the stability of wealth in the house which otherwise is unstable if the Lakshmi statue is in a standing position. The idols are usually adorned with lotus in hands and feet. Names like Padma, Kamala and Ambuja are derived from a lotus which is a powerful symbol in Hinduism.

Offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi idols is highly worthy as it blesses its worshippers with wealth, prosperity, health, beauty and charm. Royalty and good wealth is the desire of every common person in the world. This can be acquired by hard work but there are many circumstances that act as the barrier in the direct inflow of wealth in the house. Worship of Lakshmi statue can be fruitful in getting rid of those barriers.

In order to grab the grace of Goddess Lakshmi, one should not miss the opportunity to bring the most appealing Laksmi murti at home. Moreover, proper sacred rituals should be performed to make Goddess Lakshmi happy. There are many ways in which prayers can be offered to Lakshmi.

It is always advisable to worship Lord Ganesha along with Lakshmi in order to avoid losing wealth due to a lack of wisdom and conscience. The month of October is said to be the month of Lakshmi. Devotees offer roli, tika, rice, pan, coconut and fruits to Lakshmi murti as part of worship. Along with this arti song is sung by showing camphor, dhoop and deep in front of idol. Then prayers of welfare, wealth and good luck are recited by devotees by folding their hands in front of the idol. After this bhog-prasadam is distributed among the members of the family.

Other important things that should be taken care of while performing the sacred rituals are:
  • Silver idols of gods are preferred for pooja.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the house and decorate the entrance.
  • Keeping Shri Yantra at the place of worship is also advisable to make Lakshmi happy.
  • Keep Moti Shankha in the house.
  • Tulsi pooja is also advisable for wealth in house.
  • Offer red and yellow-colored flowers and make rangolis in the house.
  • As part of bhog Kheer and Malpua is preferred according to some Hindu texts.
  • Use red, yellow and gold colors while performing rituals as they reflect royalty and prosperity.
  • People also keep Vaibhav Laxmi fast for special blessings, especially on Friday.

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