Where to Place The Lakshmi Statue in Your House

Today’s yuga is known as Kalyuga where every individual is desirous of wealth and royalty irrespective of caste, age, gender or religion. Everyone is blindly running behind the pleasures, materials and glitz spread around. God, today has become the gateway to fulfill everyone’s materialistic demands. Some innumerable gods exist in the Hindu religion who are worshipped throughout the globe for some or other reasons. Every Hindu god possesses some special powers.

Some gods bless their devotees with powers, some with prosperity and others with protection from evils and some with success. When it comes to wealth, prosperity and growth, Goddess Lakshmi is the one worshipped by every Hindu individual around the globe.

Importance of Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower of wealth, good fortune, growth and prosperity to its devotees. She is the generous goddess who holds a lotus flower in both hands, sits on a lotus flower and gives wealth with both hands. The Lotus flower represents the positive nature despite remaining in the dirt and doing good deeds even when the situations are against it.

She wears a red and golden saree which is again the positive symbol that reflects positive vibrations around the place.

Her blessings are also based on the kind of karma, if one does good deeds, always stays healthy and wealthy. Even the owl who is the ride of Goddess Lakshmi teaches a lesson that one should not quit even during a time of struggle or failure.

Importance of Laxmi Statue

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, health and prosperity, so her worship is necessary for the well-being of a family. There are various festive occasions when the statue of Lakshmi is worshipped by family members. Ganesh-Lakshmi pooja is the important part of the Diwali festival when the entire family performs worship rituals, aarti and offers bhog to god.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped with Lord Vishnu on many occasions, events and also as a daily routine by many devotees. Lakshmi-Vishnu idol worship is popular in different parts of the country by devotees for good fate. The sacred idol kept at home brings positivity, prosperity, good health and growing wealth to the family members.

Where to place the Laxmi statue

The importance of Vaastu plays a major role while placing the statue of gods and setting up Mandir in a house. As per the studies, the northeast corner of the house is the best direction for house Mandir. North or east is the best direction for the Lakshmi statue to be placed inside the Mandir. North along with east is considered pious direction for spiritual and other important activities like placing mandir, worshipping and studying

It is believed that the photo or the face of the idol of Lakshmi should face west direction. This is the best direction to keep the Lakshmi statue to attract best positive energie

The best position to keep Goddess Lakshmi statue

It is always advised to keep the statue of goddess Lakshmi in a sitting positing on the lotus flower for effective blessings. Avoid keeping a standing image or statue of Lakshmi in the house mandir. The standing statue of Lakshmi is the sign of unstable wealth that is as soon as it will be earned it will be spent away.

Where to place Charan Paduka of Goddess Lakshmi

There are many beautiful Charanpaduka stickers of Goddess Lakshmi available in the market which catches the attention of many devotees. They are mostly found sticked in the house or inside house mandir. It is advised to stick or keep the Charan Paduka of Goddess Lakshmi at the entrance gate of the house or the entrance of the mandir.

Things to be avoided

There are some precautions one must take while placing the statue of Lakshmi in the house

  • Avoid keeping the standing statue or photo of goddess Lakshmi in the mandir.
  • Avoid keeping the statue or photo that displays goddess Lakshmi with an owl.
  • Avoid the image or the statue in which the feet of goddess Lakshmi are visible.
  • Do not keep the statue of Lakshmi in the south direction.

Things to be done

  • Do regular worship of goddess Lakshmi.
  • Keep the place around Lakshmi statue clean.
  • Perform necessary rituals, recite Lakshmi mantras and do aarti.
  • It is preferred to keep the statue of Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu and offer prayers.
  • Friday is the important day for the worship of goddess Lakshmi.
  • Always keep the statue or photo of Lakshmi with a smiling face.
  • Offer shira as bhog prasadam to goddess Lakshmi, especially on Friday.
  • Offer red saree, cloth, sindoor, rice, tika, roli, flowers and sweet to goddess Lakshmi.

All these measures taken and rituals performed with utmost faith will surely win the heart of goddess Lakshmi and she will fill shower her blessings on you.