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    Buy Diwali Gifts, Decor, Puja Items Online

    The year-end is loaded with a huge number of festivals. Diwali is one of the most important and most popular festivals throughout India and is celebrated with great zest and zeal. It is the festival of lights, fireworks, Diwali gifts, decorations and much more. The festival is related to the Hindu god Ram and is celebrated by Hindus in different parts of the country and abroad too by Hindus.

    The festival symbolizes the return of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman to Ayodhya from the exile of fourteen years, after defeating the devil Ravana. The people of Ayodhya were extremely happy and excited to welcome Lord Ram. So, they lit up diyas, candles, decorated their homes and distributed gifts among themselves. This is from where the tradition of Diwali gifts started. Nowadays, sending Diwali gifts to friends, relatives, colleagues and other people connected in business has become a common ritual. There is a wide range of Diwali gifts available in the market which can be suitable for gifting. Gifts like metal bowls, candles, tray sets, serving boxes, pooja thali in various shapes and sizes are available. Giving gifts to guests or serving them sweets in exclusive metal bowls or tray sets is an appealing way to welcome them. It imparts a positive gesture from your side. All these gifts are not only best for gifting but also good for use at home to welcome the guests on Diwali.

    Diwali puja is the major highlight in which God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped in every house. It is the sacred festival of Hindus which is considered auspicious to start a new venture or shift to a new house. Such events take place on Diwali and Diwali puja is done on these occasions to ward off negativity. As a part of the ritual, people offer sweets, bhog, kheel, rice flakes, laddu, to Ganesha and Lakshmi in Diwali puja, followed by aarti at the end. This is followed by lighting up candles, diyas outside the house.

    Another prominent part of the celebration is Diwali décor which includes home decoration in various ways like making rangoli, putting up colorful lights in the house, and setting the corners of rooms and outside with classy decorative pieces. The importance of Diwali décor is that it brings harmony inside the house and makes the ambiance pleasing for the guests. Decking the house with attractive and exclusive Diwali decor items is very common among people.

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