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    Goddess Durga, the warrior goddess, is one of the major deities being worshipped by Hindus. According to Hindu Mythology, Durga contains the combined powers of Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati. The Deity is worshipped for protection against evils, gaining strength, motherhood and winning wars against enemies. Durga is portrayed as a warrior woman, clad in a red saree, with eight hands carrying different weapons along with a conch and lotus flower.

    She is thus worshipped as the Divine force for negating all evil and wicked powers. To celebrate the victory of Durga over Mahishasur, i.e. good over evil, people celebrate Durga Puja. The nine days' festival called 'Navratri' is celebrated every year to celebrate the nine divine forms of Goddess Durga.

    What does Durga symbolise:

    Goddess Durga is considered the perfect feminine embodiment of strength.

    • She symbolises feminine determination, wisdom, patience and power to punish evil. It is a pure conviction of her that people buy Durga idols online & start meditating every day just to build up their patience.
    • She represents the positive Divine energy used for negating all evil powers and protecting and safeguarding her devotees.
    • She is believed to be protecting mankind by destroying all evil forces – be it any external enemy or internal enemy in the form of anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness etc.
    • She is the central force for spreading the light among mankind to fight all types of evils. Her such deeds have been mentioned in Durga Chalisa, which is a must-read for devotees.

    How to offer prayers to goddess durga:

    To please the Deity and receive her blessings, the Vedas have specified the rituals and puja procedure to be followed, preferably in the morning. For offering prayers to Goddess Durga, here's what you have to do:

    • Firstly a Durga Statue has to be brought.
    • The same needs to be bathed with panchamrit (Ganga water, ghee, curd, honey and milk) and then clean water.
    • After cleaning the same with a fresh towel, the Durga murti should be set up on a raised platform with a red cloth cover, preferably facing east.
    • The Deity's forehead is then smeared with a sandalwood paste, a garland of flowers is put across her neck, flowers are offered at her feet, a ghee lamp and Dhoop/Incense stick are lighted in its respect.
    • Then one must chant any Durga mantra in front of the installed Durga idol. The puja should not be undertaken without taking a bath or in an intoxicated state or during the period of solar and sutak.

    How do we cater to your needs for a Durga murti:

    Keeping a Durga statue at home is considered to drive off the evil negativities of life. The follower views the Durga idol as her physical representation, which helps to focus on the prayers. So, to get a Beautiful crafted Durga Murti at competitive prices, buy Durga idol online.

    To sum up:

    Goddess Durga is, therefore, worshipped to attain positive energies, ward off negative energies, and attain purity and salvation.

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