10 Best Home Decor Ideas with Ganpati Idol

India is a country where the emotions of every individual are mostly connected with some spiritual power which is considered as an idol. Spirituality is found spread almost everywhere whether it is education, business, career, lifestyle, family or personal growth or even home decor. People take support of various Gods, especially when it comes to Hindu religion the list is loaded with an array of sacred figures. From Lord Shiva to Lord Krishna and Goddess Parvati to Laxmi all Hindu Gods are a beauteous replica of love, affection, energy and care towards devotees. Ganpati or Ganesha is the supreme god in the Hindu religion whose worship is considered sacred by devotees at the beginning of any occasion.


Lord Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu god who is the son of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati with Kartikey as his elder brother. He is the important Hindu god of intelligence, good fortune, removal of barriers and success. Ganpati pooja is considered pious before any activity, event, spiritual occasion, marriage or inauguration of any business firm or purchase of a new house. Ganpati idol worship is popular in many places like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.

Story of Ganpati:

There is a popular story about the arrival of Ganpati by Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati created the statue of a boy with the dirt which she rubbed off from her body before taking the bath. She named the statue Vinayak and instructed him to guard the gate and do not allow anyone to enter inside. Vinayak followed the instructions given by her mother.

Only then did Lord Shiva come to the place and was about to enter inside when Vinayak stopped him from doing so. This act disturbed Lord Shiva and he introduced himself to Vinayak as the husband of Goddess Parvati. Even after listening to his words, Vinayak did not allow Shiva to enter inside which annoyed Lord Shiva.

As a consequence, the battle between Lord Shiva and Vinayak took place which continued for a long. At last Lord Shiva directed his trident towards Vinayak which shredded the head of Vinayak. After this Parvati entered the place and found Vinayak, his son dead. She lost control over herself and became violent and started destroying the universe. This affected the gods who requested Lord Shiva to control Goddess Parvati but, Shiva was unable to do so. As a solution everyone came to the conclusion, to bring back the life of Vinayak which was next to impossible.

Lord Shiva asked Ganas to bring the head of a baby whose mother was sleeping with her back towards her son. Ganas found the baby elephant sleeping according to the said condition so they took his head which was later fixed by Lord Shiva on the body of Vinayak and brought to life. This was the new life of Vinayak which was named Ganesha.

6 best home decor ideas with Ganpati idol:

  • Decorate your Temple: The temple is the most important part of every Hindu family which must be given utmost importance when it comes to decoration. An exquisitely designed unique heavy Ganpati idol can be the best for temple decoration.
  • Wall decoration: To flaunt the simple walls of your house, you can select a gorgeous Ganpati wall hanging and enhance the look.
  • Living room decoration: To beautify the corners of the living space you can grab a stylish Ganpati decorative piece that can add value to the place.
  • Rangoli decoration: Placing a delicate Ganpati showpiece in the center of the rangoli can elevate the appearance of floor decoration.
  • At the entrance: You can add an aesthetic aspect to the entrance by hanging a special Ganpati painting or an elite piece of wall hanging.
  • As pen stand: Ganpati icon can be utilized as a pen stand as well as contribute to the spiritual look of the interiors.

Occasions to adorn the house with Ganpati murti:

Festivals are the best occasions to adorn and modify your house with unique fashion and styles. Especially when you wish Lord Ganesha to be present in every corner of your house and bestow his blessings then there is no dearth of festivals. Especially Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali are the main festivals when you can use a vibrant and colorful blend of Ganpati idols, wall hangings, statues and other decor items to embellish and modify the entire look of your interiors.

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