Ideas for Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami at Home

In India, Lord Krishna's birthday, also known as Janmashtami or Krishna Janmashtami, is celebrated with immense devotion during the monsoon season. According to the Hindu calendar, this notable day is reported to happen on Ashtami, the eighth day of Krishna Paksh, the dark fortnight of the Bhadon month. Lord Krishna is Lord Vishnu's eighth manifestation

Today, the entire nation celebrates Lord Krishna's birth as a symbol of friendship, peace, love, and belief.

This blog post will include 10 ideas on how to celebrate Janmashtami at home since this is the day when devotees express their deepest love and devotion to Lord Krishna.

Dress up as Lord Krishna and Radha:

Dress your youngster like Lord Krishna for this auspicious occasion by using readily available market products such as traditional clothing, floral jewellery, and other items. Also, dress your daughter as Radha; this is ideal because Lord Krishna would be incomplete without her. Choose a colourful lehenga and complement it with bangles, necklaces, earrings, and a crown. In addition, you may use your imagination to make them seem like Radha Krishna.

Lord Krishna Jhula:

For Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is incomplete without Jhula. Consider creating your own Jhula this Janmashtami using your own talents and ideas and embellishing it with items like gota and stones rather than buying one. It is also available for purchase from the store, where you can later customize it to meet your needs. You can also find a ton of online videos to give your creations a touch of class by using the internet.

Prepare Some Sweet Dishes:

Given that serving sweets as prasad is ritualistic and only permitted on special occasions, Hindu festivals would not be complete without them. Kheer and halwa can be prepared in honour of Janmashtami and garnished with fruits and nuts. You also create some tasty and simple desserts. There are many options for sweets, and you can prepare them according to your preferences and choices.

Decorate Matka or Handi:

Children can enjoy watching the Matka Phod on Janmashtami, but they can also enjoy decorating the matka and handi. You can decorate a matka, an earthen pot, however you like; you can use colours, feathers, or other materials like stones, pearls, gota, etc. The children will participate interestingly and with love and happiness, so it will be a wonderful way to involve them and utilize their creative skills while enjoying the festival.

Decorate Pooja's Space:

Our puja space must be decorated first because it is the only place where we worship the idol of God. It must be kept clean and tastefully decorated with lights, flowers, and other accessories. Additionally, you can include a variety of items to decorate your pooja area on Janmashtami, such as matkas draped in floral garlands and makhan mishri on small matkas to feed Lord Krishna, as makhan is his favourite food.

Create a Home Décor Theme:

The next step is to decorate your home after the pooja space. We decorate our homes for this occasion in a similar manner to how we do for festive occasions to create the feel of a festival. Additionally, you can use a Janmashtami theme to decorate your home, incorporating a variety of Lord Krishna-resembling props and accessories like matkas, flower garlands, and string lights to give it a festive atmosphere.

Prepare a Dance Performance:

You can perform a dance for the visitors and devotees on this auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna's birth. This would be a perfect activity to do on Janmashtami since Lord Krishna enjoys dancing. Selecting songs that are related to Krishna and Radha will be the ideal choice if you are planning a performance based on the occasion.

Singing Devotional Songs:

You can sing a few well-known Krishna songs, bhajans, or chant mantras to honour him on Krishna Janmashtami. If you prefer bhajans and songs, people will definitely join you along the way because that will be perfect for those occasions.

Make a Rangoli: 

People enjoy decorating the house and the Lord Krishna idol, as well as making rangolis near the jhula and the statue of the Lord. It appears more vibrant and lovely because of the colours present. Additionally, you can create rangolis featuring peacocks, and if you want more intricate designs, you can create rangolis featuring both Lord Krishna and Radha. But if you're a learner, there are easy-to-follow rangoli patterns online.

Make a Clay Statue of Lord Krishna:

You will enjoy it as well as have the ideal opportunity to indulge in bhakti and devotion. The ideal thing to do is to create a clay idol before the event. Clay and colours are all that are required, or you can use colourful clay. Allow your children to participate in this process, as they will find it enjoyable, and guide them on how to make idols. There are numerous videos online that you can watch if you don't know how to make idols. Later, you can dress up and adorn your idols.


Hindu families around India celebrate Janmashtami, a prominent Hindu festival, with Lord Krishna idols in their temples. People fast during the day, breaking it at midnight, when Krishna is believed to have been born. People also make various prasads and sweets in honour of Janmashtami. Furthermore, many cultures throughout the world have diverse rituals for celebrating this event.

These 10 easy suggestions can help you celebrate Janmashtami at home. You are welcome to add your own ideas to it as well. It is up to you whether you want to celebrate it quietly or with the name of Lord Krishna resonating throughout the room. Additionally, StatueStudio is the best option for all your searches if you're looking for Lord Krishna idols for the occasion and various items for the pooja because they have everything you need for your festivals and auspicious occasions.