Navaratri: Aesthetic Decorations Ideas That Will Transform Your House

Festivals and the Indian subcontinent are seemingly indistinct. Such is the influence of festivities here that they are interwoven into the fabric of society and affect daily lives in myriad ways. No other event or festival is more pronounced than the holy period of Navaratri, which pays homage to the Goddess Durga

This is a period of great joy and adoration for the Hindu community, and they celebrate it in numerous ways.  However, the one aspect that is synonymous with the celebration of Navaratri is the overall decoration. This blog will discuss some decoration ideas you can incorporate for Navaratri this year! 

Colored Lights 

No other element is more synonymous with the festival of Navaratri than lighting and illumination. 

Colored lights have always been an essential aspect of Navaratri decorations, giving a magical ambiance to the overall occasion. To this end, various forms of lighting can be used according to the needs and requirements of the occasion.

Different varieties of lights, such as string lights, are available in many colors and shapes. They are ideally used to create a dazzling mood and are usually hung around windows, doors, or even on the balcony for everyone to see. 

Conventional orange and yellow lights are the preferred choices. However,  multi-colored lights are used for a more modern look.

Additionally, utilizing rangoli light stencils alongside adequate lighting also adds an aura of radiance to rangoli designs. These stencils come in various patterns and can be set on the floor or walls during Navaratri to illuminate any artwork with a soft, enticing glow.

Other lighting-related objects that can be used are: 

  • Paper Lanterns 
  • Floating Candles 
  • Temporary Chandeliers


Flowers have long been crucial in Indian culture primarily because they represent purity, beauty, and devotion. As such, they are used to decorate dwellings in various ways during Navaratri. 

Fresh flower garlands are mainly used to decorate entrances, alleyways, and, most importantly, the idols of deities. Marigold and jasmine are preferred because of their vivid colors, fragrant aroma, and availability. 

Like with lighting, rangolis are made by arranging colorful petals into elaborate shapes and designs to beautify houses during Navaratri.

For generations, making floral rangolis has been a meaningful and beautiful way to honor and welcome deities inside your abode. 

Moreover, prostrating and gently arranging each petal is a quiet and spiritually uplifting experience. The beauty of flower rangolis is that they can be displayed in your living room, in front of the deity's idol, or at the front door, exhibiting your artistic abilities and devotion. Some other forms of floral designs during Navaratri include: 

  • Torans 
  • Flower assortments 
  • Bouquets 

Wall Decor 

The walls of your home serve as a blank canvas for you to display your dedication and creativity. This activity becomes more pronounced during the festival of Navaratri. In many ways, wall decor can drastically improve the spiritual ambiance and festivity of the overall surroundings. 

To achieve this goal of utmost beautification, you can use Mandala designs. They are not just beautiful; they also have great spiritual significance during the occasion. 

These artworks represent the elaborate, circular designs that are said to reflect the universe.  Mandala wall art during Navaratri can be implemented simply by utilizing wall decals, stickers, or stencils!

Additionally, decorative wall hangings with religious motifs, traditional patterns, or even god portraits can make excellent additions to Navaratri decorations. These artwork can be made using cloth, metal, or wood and are readily available in various sizes and patterns to fit your needs.

Another powerful technique to improve your Navaratri decorations is through displaying framed photographs or paintings of numerous deities associated with the festival. A brass Ganesha stay-home plate or Brass handcrafted sun mask make great additions to this overall wall decor. 

By incorporating Navaratri wall decor ideas into your celebrations, you decorate your home environment and create a spiritually uplifting ambiance for everyone to see. 


Diyas, or oil lamps, have always held a unique position in Indian culture and rituals because they represent the triumph of light over darkness. The use of diyas during Navaratri is an aesthetic choice and a highly spiritual and religious.

The ease with which Diyas can be used makes them an ideal decorative item. If you have a staircase in your home, putting diyas along the railing or steps becomes a straightforward affair.

Doing so only improves the aesthetics of your property but also provides a well-lit and safe path for your guests during evening events. 

Diyas on staircases have long produced an enthralling and dramatic appearance, ensuring the festivities flow from one level of the house to the next.

Investing in or making attractive diya holders for tables, mantelpieces, or any flat surface is also an excellent idea for Navratri celebrations. These holders are available in various materials, including brass, terracotta, and even glass, and are found in multiple patterns to match your house’s decor style. 

The overall use of diyas in Navaratri decorations has always been more than just decorative. Each diyas can symbolize illumination that shows the path of justice and spirituality. 


Another utensil that has recently garnered a reputation during Navaratri is the urli. It is a traditional, wide-mouthed, circular vessel used in various ways in Indian households.

More importantly, given their appearance and structure, they can be used as a stunning ornamental device during Navaratri.  You can quickly fill the Urli with fragrant potpourri and scented candles to stimulate the sense of smell during your Navaratri celebrations.

The Urli, chosen for its antique exterior, also gives a welcoming aura to your living environment.

You can also use the Urli as a fancy candle. When lit, the Urli candles can emit a lovely and peaceful glow with a pleasant aroma. 


Navaratri is considered the holiest month for millions of devotees, and the festivities generally conclude with the grand celebration of Diwali. As such, the decorations should always match the occasion. Using the abovementioned ideas, you can easily beautify your house to fit the occasion and, more importantly, make your home stand out!