Ideas for Decorating Homes During Onam

Festivals are widely observed in India, where they are regarded as auspicious occasions. Bright colours, flowers, energy, decorations, and delectable delicacies abound at these gatherings. Colourful apparel, such as traditional dress that represents the significance of the occasion, enhances the decor. Decorating should begin at least a week before the big day to make houses prosperous and pleasant.

Onam, also known as Thiru-Onam or Thiruvonam, is an auspicious festival commemorating King Mahabali/Maveli's return to Kerala. Kolla Varsham, the first day of the Malayalam calendar year, is commemorated by the festival, which takes place in Chingam between August and September. The 10-day festival, with Atham as the first day, is regarded as the most auspicious, followed by Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketta, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom, and Thiruvonam.

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about home decoration and different ways of decorating your home with a traditional Onam festival touch. Read on for some fun home decoration ideas that will make your home look beautiful and festive during the festive season.

Decorate with flower garlands:

Onam is a harvest festival with a special connection to flowers; hence, pookalam decorations such as rangoli designs for home and temple entrances are very popular. This vibrant design greets visitors and King Mahabali. Use a variety of colours and creative designs to create eye-catching entrances. Mango leaves can be used to form wall hangings, while marigold and rose garlands can be used to decorate walls and furniture. These arrangements are thought to bring good luck and keep bad luck at bay.

Make Your Home Bright with Lamps & Diyas:

Diyas, which stand for goodness and purity, are indispensable in Indian households. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials that can be used as lighting during celebrations. Simple clay diyas can be painted with acrylic paint and brushes to produce distinctive lighting patterns. This beautiful DIY decoration can be placed around the main door, balcony, or puja room. But since lighting a diya close to upholstered furniture or curtains can start fires, safety precautions should be taken.

Vintage and statement pieces:

You've all probably heard the slogan, "Old is gold." During festivals, the market is flooded with statement pieces and vintage items for the home that will make your home look both elegant and contemporary at the same time. If you like antiques and other such royal items, there is a hidden treasure waiting for you: A statement piece like Urlis is an illustration of this type that will add elegance to your home. As symbols of wealth flow and cooling entry, these shallow round vessels are thought to have special Vastu Shastra benefits in South India. 

If you want more, there is a wide range of merchandise available on the market. There are thousands of artisans working to create such elegant and royal pieces for décor, so this festive season, just give them a try.

 Decorate the doors with torans:

During festivals, torans, or door hangings, are the best way to brighten homes and celebrate special occasions. They are simple decorations made of leaves and flowers. Torans are used to decorate homes, temples, and other buildings during festivals and celebrations. They are available in a variety of designs, styles, & materials, including metal, cloth and glass. These lovely and symbolic decorations energize homes and celebrations with luck, fortune, and joy; hence, they are the best way to decorate during festivals.

Decorate with colours:

Indian homes are awash in colour, from curtains to walls to rugs on the floor, which all contribute to the home's lively appearance during the festive season. A subtler effect can be achieved by using color. Choose the colour of other items, such as rugs and curtains, in accordance with the walls; if the walls are painted dark, the colour should be neutral, and the opposite is true. Consider using printed textiles instead of readily available wallpapers to create traditional wall decor or make it festively ready.

Style with lantern lighting: 

Lighting is essential for a home to appear sparkling and bright during a festival. Having good lighting in your home also improves its aesthetic appeal. However, one should be aware of the proper lighting to use when celebrating a festival. To fill up any visual space on the ceiling or in any empty area of the house, choose some decorative and light pendants. You can also place or hang them in any corner of the house to transform an ordinary area into something spectacular for a special occasion. 


Pookalam's colourful entrance is thought to energize the house. Brass lamps, oil lamps, floral rangoli, and all the other items mentioned above can be added to your home to make it look festively prepared. We welcome visitors and the spirit of King Mahabali by decorating the entrance with flowers and torans. You can browse a curated list of Onam decoration ideas for both elaborate celebrations and modest gatherings if you're looking for such statement pieces and want your homes to look festively prepared for Onam. Check out the Statue studio’s most recent collection. Enjoy the festival by selecting a decorating concept that suits your needs.