Interesting Reasons to Love Ganesha

Gajanan, Ekdanta, Vignaharta and Ganpati are the few names of sacred Hindu god Ganesha. Also known as Gauri putra Ganesha or Vinayak there is no dearth when it comes to counting the number of names given to Lord Ganesha. He is the main Hindu god who is worshipped by every individual in India. He is the elephant-headed Hindu god who is popular for good fortune, removal of barriers, positivity, good health, peace, intelligence and harmony in the family.

There are many occasions when the worship of Lord Ganesha is very essential. It keeps away negativity during any auspicious occasion, event, festival or any special activity. The pious presence of Lord Ganesha is considered sacred due to his loving and caring attributes. He is the remover of barriers, problems and all the negative hassles coming in the way of any celebration or event.

Festivals are the most refreshing occasions when the place is surrounded by lovely celebrations. Ganesha Chaturthi, Diwali and other occasions are rejoiced by huge zest in India. People thoroughly enjoy all festivals of Lord Ganesha.

Every individual wants to be happy, healthy and successful in life. Whether he is a student or an adult, male or female, a salaried person or an entrepreneur everyone faces obstacles in life. These obstacles let us down and discourage us from moving ahead. If we find someone who readily gets us rid of all worries and obstacles, we feel blessed. This blessing is provided by our beloved god Ganesha who is also known as Vighnaharta means "the one who relieves us of all disturbances".

There is a story related to his existence as Vinayak and re- birth as Lord Ganesha. Maa Parvati created a statue from the material she scrubbed off her body before taking bath. After this she brought the statue to life and named it Vinayak. Maa Parvati instructed the boy Vinayak to guard the entrance and not allow anyone to enter inside as there was no one on the Kailash. Then she went to take a bath.

After sometime Lord Shiva came to the place where Vinayak was standing and began to enter inside. Vinayak, as per the instructions from mother Parvati stopped Shiva from entering inside. This act provoked Shiva and he got angry which triggered a battle between both of them.

The rage increased due to which Lord Shiva struck off the head of Vinayak with a trident and his body fell on the floor.

Just after this incident Maa Parvati entered the place and on finding Vinayak dead she lost control of herself. Annoyed, Maa Parvati transformed into a fiery form and began to destroy the universe.

To stop this destruction all the gods requested Lord Shiva to control Maa Parvati, otherwise the entire universe will come to an end. On this, Lord Shiva instructed Ganas to bring the head of any baby whose mother is sleeping with her face in the opposite direction from the baby.

Ganas went to the earth and found the baby elephant in the said condition. They got the head of a baby elephant which was fixed on the body of Vinayak and brought to life. In this way, the birth of Lord Ganesha took place who was then blessed by all the gods.

Every god blessed Ganesha with some or the other power. In this way, Ganesha became the hub of many powers, strengths, good fortune and intelligence.

His journey as a baby began on Kailash which comprises many interesting and blissful stories. He started spreading happiness around and fulfilling the needs of his devotees. He is loved by devotees not only in India but also throughout the globe.

Some key factors that makes people love him include:

  • He spreads happiness in many different forms by removing negativity and attracting positivity to the place.
  • He is the remover of barriers by making all good things happen.
  • One can easily get the blessings of Ganesha by regularly worshipping him and offering him modak as bhog, flowers, fruits, doing Aarti and other rituals which keeps him happy.
  • Regular sacred rituals, worship and offerings to Ganesha is the easiest way of getting success in life
  • Other factors that make kids love Ganesha is his special appearance which is a cute elephant head, bulging tummy and his wittiness.