Best Ways to Worship Lord Shiva and Acquire the Blessings

The modern age of science and technology has taken the entire world to another level and uncovered many hidden facts about the existence of the universe. Yet there are many facts that remain unrevealed or unanswered due to the science which is accessible to a limited extent. It is proved that the universe started from nothing and will end to nothing which also refers to the expression of SHI-VA which means not or nothing.

Here comes into the limelight the most powerful and supreme divinity Lord Shiva. Shiva as known is the part of the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) who played a crucial role in the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. Lord Shiva in his natural form is solely responsible for the creation and destruction of the universe. Shiva idol is considered to be the most sacred one and placed in temples for worship by devotees.


Lord Shiva as known by the texts, is the most powerful Hindu God with Goddess Parvati as his consort. Lord Ganesha and Kartikey are the main sons of Lord Shiva along with the other four sons. Shiva resides at Mt. Kailash with his family and other disciples in the form of Nandi and other ganas.

There are many names given to Shiva depending on his nature, actions and stories that are popular among the devotees. To name a few Bholenath, Aadideva or Aadinath, Ardhnareshwaar or Gaurishankar, Rudra, Mahesh, Shankar and other twelve main names in the form of Jyotirlingas.

There are more than thousands of names given to Lord Shiva which are placed in the form of Shiv murti in temples throughout India and worshipped by devotees.

Lord Shiva is believed to be the yoga guru for humans in form of Saptrishi. After acquiring knowledge from Shiva, Saptrishi (the seven disciples) spread it on earth which led to the formation of different religions and traditions.

Shiva is the Lord who is praised by gods and demons both as he full fills the wishes of both by giving boon. In order to please Shiva and get his blessings devotees keep Somvaar vrat, Sharavan Maas vrat and Pradosh vrat which are actually meant for him.

Benefits of Shiva idol at home

Placement of Shiva murti at home and workplace is extremely beneficial in many ways. It fetches many positive vibrations in the form of Lord Shiva’s blessings in different forms. Some of the major advantages include:

  • Regular worship of Shiva idol blesses the family members with power, peace and positive energy to fight back the evils.
  • Makes the person fearless and helps in increasing the tolerance power of the individual.
  • Young girls and women keep Somvaar fast to get a gentle husband and for the well-being of husband.


How to worship Lord Shiva and acquire his blessings

Shiva is worshipped as nirvikara means formless and also in the form of the human deity or in Shiva Linga form. He is omnipresent and formless so can be worshipped anywhere in any form. Apart from all forms, the worship of Shiva Linga is highly famous among the devotees. There are a few rituals by which devotees can offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and worship him:

  • Before performing any ritual, the direction should be noticed first. North-east or the ‘Ishaan corner’ of the house is the best direction to place Shiva idol.
  • Regular bathing of Linga with the sacred water of Ganga and also honey, ghee, milk and curd on special occasions make Shiva happy.
  • Offer black moles, bell leaves and raw milk on Linga which is highly favorable for devotees.
  • After cleaning the linga, bhasm or vibhuti is applied which is the sign of reality which is ‘Death’.
  • Lighting up incense stick or dhoop fills up the space with a positive aura.
  • Offer white flowers, recite mantras or shlokas like ‘Om Namah Shivaay’ or ‘Shiva Tandavam Stotram’ is the musical way of pleasing Shiva.
  • These prayers should be offered twice a day, morning and evening and more specifically on Mondays.


The appearance of Lord Shiva

The external aspect of Shiva murti is exceptionally unique which appears to be threatening in some ways. Lord Shiva is represented in the form of a sage, covered with ashes throughout the body. A serpent known as Vasuki is lying around the neck and garland of the skeleton in the neck. He carries the crescent moon and river Ganga on his head and a blue-colored throat that is filled with poison.

As his tools, he holds a trident in his hand which represents three emotions namely satva, rajas and tamas. It also has a damru hung on it.

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