Exclusive Standing Tibetan Goddess Tara ThanksGiving Statue 15"

Exclusive Standing Tibetan Goddess Tara ThanksGiving Statue 15"
Exclusive Standing Tibetan Goddess Tara ThanksGiving Statue 15"

Exclusive Standing Tibetan Goddess Tara ThanksGiving Statue 15"

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  • Product Details : Product Code - 139500 || Width x Depth (Inches) - 5.7 x 7.5 Inches || Height (Inches) - 14.8 Inches || Weight (In Kg) - 5 Kg || Material - Brass || Made In India
  • USAGE: To decorate living room, pooja room, foyuer, altar, meditation room or entrance to your home or office. And can be placed on top of table or can be installed or placed anywhere indoor/outdoor/home/garden.
  • POSITIVE IMPACT: Creates peaceful ambience filled with harmony, spirituality and positive energy around us. And at the same time acts as magnificient piece of art and collectible.
  • GIFTING: An ideal gifting option to gift someone as a Wedding Gift/Anniversary Gift/Corporate Gift/Return Gift/Birthday Gift/Diwali Gift/Lucky Gift and a gift that can be given on all occassions like private parties or public community events.
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In the Hindu religion, there are enough ways to get connected to the almighty, through various Gods. Among many, Goddess Tara exists in the form of Adishakti who is the tantric manifestation of the goddess. She is one of the ten Mahavidyas also known as ‘Great Wisdom goddesses’. Goddess Tara is worshipped in both the religions Hinduism and Buddhism as shakti and in the form of female Buddha respectively. At present, in Buddhism, she is the most worshipped deity by the followers and referred to as the ‘mother of liberation who provides success and achievement in work.

Tara is also known as Bhadra Kali, Uger Kali, Kalika, Mahakali and is popularly known as Tarapith in the village of Bengal. Goddess Tara provides protection to its devotees from dangers and is capable of blessing the devotees with the power of creating poems and knowledge of shastras.

There is a mention of GoddesS Tara, in Devi-Purana and Kalika Purana where she is described as the fierce deity. As per the description she is holding a knife, a sword, a chamara, and a single matted braid over the head. Her skin color is dark with her belly bulging out and tiger skin cloth on her body. Her left foot as described is placed on the corpse and her right foot on a lion or between the thighs of the corpse.

Goddess Tara is similar to Kali in appearance which is forbidding with blue color skin wearing tiger skin cloth on body. The tongue is usually seen coming out of the mouth with blood oozing out. According to Hinduism, it is believed that Goddess Tara likes blood.

Though her appearance is threatening she is worshipped by many devotees to attain success in work and life. Many mantras are recited to make her happy and get her blessings.

The temple of Goddess Tara is situated in Shimla which is one of the most visited places there. Placed at a height of 7200 feet above sea level and 11 km away from Shimla.

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