Large Size Antique Black Tribhangi Hindu God Lord Krishna Thakur Ji 34"

Large Size Antique Black Tribhangi Hindu God Lord Krishna Thakur Ji 34" - 112800
Large Size Antique Black Tribhangi Hindu God Lord Krishna Thakur Ji 34"

Large Size Antique Black Tribhangi Hindu God Lord Krishna Thakur Ji 34"

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  • Product Details : Product Code - 112800 || Width x Depth (Inches) - 9.5 x 12 Inches || Height (Inches) - 34 Inches || Weight (In Kg) - 20 Kg || Material - Brass || Made In India
  • USAGE: To decorate living room, pooja room, foyuer, altar, meditation room or entrance to your home or office. And can be placed on top of table or can be installed or placed anywhere indoor/outdoor/home/garden.
  • POSITIVE IMPACT: Creates peaceful ambience filled with harmony, spirituality and positive energy around us. And at the same time acts as magnificient piece of art and collectible.
  • GIFTING: An ideal gifting option to gift someone as a Wedding Gift/Anniversary Gift/Corporate Gift/Return Gift/Birthday Gift/Diwali Gift/Lucky Gift and a gift that can be given on all occassions like private parties or public community events.
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When you want the essence of spirituality in life and savor the most gratifying divine experience, Lord Krishna is your destination. Kirshna or Govind also known as Madhusudan, is the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu in Hindu religion. He is the son of Devki and Vasudev who was born in the jail in Mathura.Krishna was raised by Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul, where he, as a popular belief, conquered many devils. More than a thousands of stories are famous about Krishna which tells about his life as a childhood, teenage and as an adult.He was born into a Yadav clan, and lived as a cowherd, lover of cows in Gokul. Many of his pranks with people of gokul especially gopis are very popular among the devotees. Makhan Chori, along with friends and monkeys, is one of the most heard acts of Krishna who has ruled the hearts of many devotees. Even today makhan is served as the most loved bhog in the service of Krishna in all temples and homes at Mathura.

Lord Krishna, after spending his childhood in gokul went to Mathura, where he performed the leela of Kansa Vadh. Before that he had already slayed many demons sent by his uncle Kansa (Kansa Mama) to kill him(Krishna) at Gokul. After spending his teenage years in gurukul he ruled as a king at Mathura and later settled in Dwarika,(Gujarat). He enjoyed the majestic life and had sixteen thousand one hundred eight queens as his wife. Even after this materialistic pleasures surrounded him, his inner self practiced celibacy (brahmacharya). Due to his ideal policies Krishna attracted many followers especially by his preaching in BhagwatGita.Bhagwat Gita encompasses the deepest and the factual truth which has not only influenced many but also changed the life of many devotees.

If your eyes are seeking serenity in this materialistic world and desires to get rid of all worldly affairs then Krishna is the answer. Environ yourselves with the astounding pictures, idols or statues of Krishna at home or workplace and try to walk on the path shown by him. Adopt his preaching with great endeavour in life to achieve the ultimate success. Through various Krishna leela we can learn how to deal with utmost difficulties and come out of it easily. The place equipped with Krishna’s statues, Bhagwat Gita and other gadgets spreading the life of Krishna is next to heaven on earth.

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