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Singing Bowls


Buy Buddhist Singing Bowl Only at StatueStudio

Grab Original Singing Bowl (Tibetan Singing Bowls ) at Very Attractive Prices

Start Your Day listening to Enchanting Singing Bowl or Tibetan Bowl or Himalayan Bowl

Its pleasure to start a day listening to mind soothing sound that cherishes whole day. At StatueStudio.com, we have brought a musical instrument for you that produces melodious sound when striker rubbed with cushion. By listening to this music, you feel relax and healthy. This is why it is suitable at time of doing yoga or other meditating activity. The musical instrument depicts rich Buddhist religious practice, it is widely known as Buddhist singing bowl.

Significance of Buddhist Singing Bowls

The Tibetan Singing bowl is a musical instrument that produces very charm sound when rubbed with singing bowl striker. It is a classical instrument comes with combination of a singing bowl and a striker to produce musical charm when struck to base of the bowl. Over the years, the singing bowls are traditionally used by Buddhist in Tibet and in other Asian Countries.

Trendy Tibetan Singing Bowls At StatueStudio

Mind-blowing enchanting sound from Tibetan singing bowls relaxes mind and soul. Additionally, it is use for meditation purpose and for healing. This bowl is in trend due its natural advantage to human life, soul and mind. The mirror of royalty, buy singing bowls at comfortable rate only at StatueStudio. Beautifully designed singing Buddhist singing bowls are not very far to you. Grasp ancient charm without wasting of any time.