How to Choose the Ideal Buddha Statue for Your Home

In today's age of conscious and healthy living, the presence of a Buddha statue in your house might serve as a reminder of your spiritual objectives. Meditation in the presence of a Buddha statue can promote calmness and peace because it radiates peace and tranquility. Buddha statues can help your home feel more positive and bring your family closer together by being placed in strategic areas.

Wood, crystal, clay, or metal can all be used to create Buddha statues. Wood is linked to wealth and prosperity, while metal idols made of bronze and copper are linked to health and wellbeing. As a result, the material chosen will determine where it is positioned. Sculpted Buddhas made of clay or crystal can be placed in the north-east, south-west, or middle of the home.

Here are the top seven Buddha statues that should be placed in a home according to their significant meaning, which encourages mindful behaviour and awakens the Buddha within us.

Blessing Buddha Statue:

The Buddha statue in a house, sitting with his hand raised, symbolizes two interconnected ideas. The raised hand acts as a shield against danger and negativity, providing protection in the first instance. The second purpose is to conquer fear and find inner peace. The statue can be kept in place by being positioned in front of the house's front door to deter unwanted visitors. The raised hand serves as a shield, keeping evil at bay and bestowing blessings. Vastu recommends this statue as a dosha cure for creating a harmonious environment in the house.

Meditating Buddha Statue: 

Zen or Dhyana Buddha statues, also referred to as meditation Buddha statues, are effective for evoking a sense of serenity and peace. They can be positioned in prayer rooms or gardens, where they can calm the atmosphere, emit uplifting energy, and be used for rest or meditation. Being seated with his legs folded, face up, and hands on his lap, the Buddha is in the perfect meditative position for achieving inner peace. Placing the Buddha statue in a peaceful area of the home, such as a puja room, and lighting candles or incense sticks to create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Praying Buddha Statue:  

The devotion and faith of a praying Buddha statue make it the perfect piece of home décor. It is perfect for altars or prayer rooms and can be lit with a lamp or candle to harmonize the positive energy of the Buddha with the energy of fire. Buddha artifacts should never be displayed below eye level, as it is disrespectful. It is also referred to as the 'wai' Buddha and the namaste Buddha, or praying Buddha, and can be found in the foyer, dining room, or living room. It is said to spread happiness throughout the home.

Contemporary Buddha Statue:  

The Buddha head is a common ornament used to decorate homes and represents self-awareness and self-assurance. It should be positioned above eye level and is ideal for living rooms or foyers. The head, though not a traditional pose, represents Gautam Buddha's wisdom. There are many different types of artifacts available on the market today that can be used to decorate a home or given as a gift. Placement rules are not rigidly enforced; they are placed in areas like a proper, tidy, and nice place.

Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue:  

This Buddha statue is ideal for the library, study, or children's room and can be placed on the desk or facing east for good energy. A small Buddha statue making the Vitarka mudra can promote academic success. This gesture of the thumb and index finger forming a circle exudes wisdom and teaching energy.

Laughing Buddha Statue:

Vastu Shastra practitioners also advise placing this statue for luck on a corner table facing the entrance or to the east. People frequently use a laughing Buddha as a decorative item in their homes to encourage one another to overcome obstacles and find happiness. For the family to prosper, make sure the statue is placed in the appropriate location.

Baby Buddha Statue: 

A baby Buddha statue is a popular symbol of good fortune, tranquility, and optimism. Baby monk Buddha sculptures in brilliant colours are popular home décor items that inspire peace and wealth. These beautiful statues, which promote good fortune and happiness, can be displayed in pairs or groups and are considered to be the lucky ones.


A Buddha statue for the home is a trustworthy representation of harmony because peace is a state of mind connected to the energy of our environment. Although the Buddha is a secular and adaptable figure, very few people are aware of the meaning of the various poses and their proper placement. For the purpose of attracting beneficial chi or qi, the essential life force of an entity, it is essential to pick the right Buddha statue for your decor and placement in your home. This guide will help you establish a tranquil, harmonious home that encourages restful sleep and general wellbeing.

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