Large Size Buddhist Deity Bodhisattva Buddha Goddess Manjushri Big Statue 39"

Large Size Buddhist Deity Bodhisattva Buddha Goddess Manjushri Big Statue 39"
Large Size Buddhist Deity Bodhisattva Buddha Goddess Manjushri Big Statue 39"

Large Size Buddhist Deity Bodhisattva Buddha Goddess Manjushri Big Statue 39"

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Manjushri is also known as Manjughosa is a bodhisattva (Buddha-to-be) according to Mahayana Buddhism. He is the vital icon in the Mahayana Buddhism culture who promotes and symbolizes the wisdom of prajna.

Manjushri means Gentle Glory in Sanskrit, the one who spreads the knowledge, power, and wisdom as per the strong belief of Mahayana Buddhists. Manjushri is considered to be the most prominent symbol in Mahayana art and culture. It is also considered to be the part of the trinity along with Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani who protects the Tathagatha family.

The idol or the image of Manjushri is usually depicted as a male bodhisattva holding a burning sword in right hand. This sword symbolizes the realization of superior wisdom without giving wings to duality and ignorance. The idol holds a lotus or padma in the left hand with a book that connects it to purity and realization of wisdom. In some traditions, lotus is replaced with ruyi scepter often looked up as a long stem curved like a ruyi. The book contains the teachings related to the study of perfection of wisdom. There are numerous ways in which this form spreads the knowledge of wisdom and how to attain it through self-control. Manjushri is seen riding a blue color lion or sitting on the skin of a lion. This image represents the utilization of wisdom to tame the mind which is depicted by reducing the power and strength of the violent lion.

Manjushri is very popular in Buddhism and is worshipped for its supreme powers and qualities. It is believed that Manjushri blesses its devotees with knowledge, extreme intelligence, power, glory, memory, oratorial qualities and much more.
According to some texts, Manjushri is the thirteenth Buddha who is followed and worshipped by many devotees. As we look into the life history of Manjushri, it is observed that he was the common being who attained the state of Buddha by conquering its own evil thoughts.

The ultimate objective of the existence of Manjushri was to wipe out the heinous thoughts of people and help them achieve the stage of Buddha. This statue reflects the positive glory of Mahayana and attracts positivity from around the place.

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