Very Large Indian Hindu Deity Dancing Shiv Nataraja Indoor Outdoor Décor 6 Feet

Very Large Indian Hindu Deity Dancing Shiv Nataraja Indoor Outdoor Décor 6 Feet
Very Large Indian Hindu Deity Dancing Shiv Nataraja Indoor Outdoor Décor 6 Feet

Very Large Indian Hindu Deity Dancing Shiv Nataraja Indoor Outdoor Décor 6 Feet

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  • Product Details : Product Code - 253800 || Width x Depth (Inches) - 58 x 16 Inches || Height (Inches) - 70 Inches || Weight (In Kg) - 135 Kg || Material - Brass || Made In India
  • USAGE: To decorate living room, pooja room, foyuer, altar, meditation room or entrance to your home or office. And can be placed on top of table or can be installed or placed anywhere indoor/outdoor/home/garden.
  • POSITIVE IMPACT: Creates peaceful ambience filled with harmony, spirituality and positive energy around us. And at the same time acts as magnificient piece of art and collectible.
  • GIFTING: An ideal gifting option to gift someone as a Wedding Gift/Anniversary Gift/Corporate Gift/Return Gift/Birthday Gift/Diwali Gift/Lucky Gift and a gift that can be given on all occassions like private parties or public community events.
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Dancing is one of the purest forms of expressing love towards God and drenching oneself in the shower of spirituality. Many Hindu gods are connected to this form of art. Nataraj depicts Lord Shiva the Hindu God who appears as a cosmic dancer. Nataraj is the presentation of Shiva Tandavam performed by Lord Shiva. This form of Lord Shiva is mostly seen in temples in the south where it first appeared in bronze in the 5th Century. The statue of Nataraj first appeared as inspiration in many paintings and sculptures during that era. Nataraj is the stunning form of Lord Shiva who plays the role of creator, preserver and destroyer all in one. This is an excellent work in Hindu which not only spreads spirituality but also enhances art and culture.

When it comes to dancing even our Hindu Gods are not behind and the major highlights are Lord Krishna as Natwar, Shiva as Nataraj and Goddess Durga. In Hindu religion the common belief is that if you want success in any field then God’s blessings is the must. Similarly if anyone desires to become a dancer can take blessings from Nataraj form of Lord Shiva.

The idol of Nataraj is made up of stone or metal. The idol represents Natya Shastra pose where Lord Shiva is standing with one leg lifted up in the air and another stomping a demon. The stomping of demon symbolizes spiritual ignorance. Nataraj also represents Lord Shiva with upper left hand holding Agni (fire) which can destroy the universe. Top right hand holds Damru that creates the first sound of creation. The lower right shows Abhay Mudra known as a gesture of blessing. The front left hand poses as Gajahasta coming across the chest. The entire Nataraj Murti is encompassed by a ring of fire.

Art and culture are the core of any religion which should not be ignored. The idol of Nataraj plays a major role in keeping alive the enthusiasm of dance in the hearts of people. Statues of Nataraj can be seen in colleges and universities especially in the art and culture section.

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